Lipitor® Mug (to lower cholesterol, #1 bestselling medication in the US), Lexapro® pen holder (antidepressant), AdderallXR® pens (for ADHD), Tamiflu® pens (anti-flu medication, stockpiled by the US government under orders from US President George Bush in 2005, major stockholder Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense), Ambien® tape dispenser and stapler (sleep aid), Geodon® paperclip holder (for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia), Aricept® notepad (for Alzheimer's), SancturaXR® mouse pad (for overactive bladder), PaxilCR® mouse (antidepressant)


Avastin® calculator (cancers, various), Premarin® letter opener (estrogen hormone therapy, post-menopause), Rhinocort® USB stick (allergy relief), Cancidas® USB stick, (anti-fungal medication)



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