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Wellness-Postindustrial Complex is a series of sculptures and photo works centering on the growing popularity of Eastern technologies of self-care including yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. The wellness trend, particularly emblematic in a growing number of global cities (New York, London, Los Angeles etc), aligns perfectly with the personal responsibility and self-help ethos of contemporary capitalism and represents a predictable response to an age of economic dispossession and social fragmentation. The body is increasingly experienced as a site of anxiety-fueled narcissism and self-surveillance that is politically and economically produced as workers, particularly members of the creative class, are left with only their labor power as their sole means of support and forced to desperately seek out DIY, self-help solutions. Postindustrial workers (artists included) are especially drawn to the mind/ body connection emblematic of Eastern healing techniques because for such workers, it is their minds (creativity) that is their labor power and these alternative practices are marketed as offering access to mental optimization via the body. The sculptures and photo works in the Wellness-Postindustrial Complex series present a view of the body that is rough, mute and fragmented. Materials include wood, silicone, acupuncture needles, cut up yoga mats, cupping paraphernalia and more. The sculptures and photos despite their personal and seemingly interior tone, deliberately incorporate mass produced objects such as silicone body parts sourced from online fetish stores in China and stock photos (presented with their watermarks), underlining how the search for interiority and personal narratives leads paradoxically but logically enough, to the exterior world. .


Wellness-Postindustrial Complex (2017-)

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