Depression (2017) Wood, egg carton, cupping equipment, photos, silicone feet, acupuncture needles, reverse view

Depression, detail


Anxiety (2017) Wood, silicone feet, test tubes, photo prints, bolts


Self-care (2017) stainless steel toilet paper holder, cut up yoga mat

Schadenfreude (2017) Plywood, silicone fisting toy, acupuncture needle (in plastic casing), yoga mat

ANT (Automatic Negative Thought) (2017) Inkjet on paper, graphite, pill, cupping glass
Note: Automatic Negative Thought is a key term in cognitive behavior therapy. The first thing you are told is to stomp those ANTs!

boy & boy continued (2017)
Framed photo, torn photo on floor. Archival inkjet on paper

Wellness-Postindustrial Complex, installation view



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