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Afterall Maryam Jafri Interview with Marina Vishmidt 03.2014

Ibraaz Maryam Jafri Interview with Stephanie Bailey 11.2013

Art Forum.com Critics Picks, Global Slum 11.2012

Mousse Maryam Jafri Interview with Luigi Fassi 04.2012

Camera Austria Maryam Jafri (feature by Bettina Steinbruegge) 12.2011

AP Engine Maryam Jafri (Profile) 07.2010

Camera Austria Bucharest Biennial 4 (Exhibition Review) 06.2010

Art Monthly Estrangement (The Showroom, Exhibition Review) 06.2010

Mousse Magazine Raising the Phantoms of Empire Post-Colonial Discourse in Recent Artists’ Films (by Katerina Gregos) 02.2010

Texte Zur Kunste Roundtable on History & Fiction, (with Yael Bartana, Clemens  von Wedermeyer, Romauld Karmakar & Kathrin Peters) 12.2009

X-tra Magazine Meanwhile, in Baghdad... and Black Is, Black Ain't (Renaissance Society Exhibition Review) 09.2009

Sum Magazine Maryam Jafri & The Staged Archive 04.2009

Art Papers Interview with Maryam Jafri (with Patricia Reed) 01.2009

Modern Painters (Artist Contribution) 04.2008

Costume Party: Allegorical Gestures (catalog essay by Sabeth Buchmann, in German & English) 2006

The Desire Called History (catalog essay by Michael Eng, in German & English) 2006

Tema Celeste Costume Party:Colony & Native 09.2006

Artforum.com Costume Party:Colony & Native 05.2006

Art Forum Costume Party 10.2005

Kunstforum International Me, Myself and I 10.2001